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Art Direction

Every photograph needs a vision — a blueprint for how it will be used, what it needs to say, and how it needs to communicate to audiences. Photographer Steve Smith will start by discussing your needs, your vision and your brand. If you’re unsure what you want but you’ll know it when you see it, he may begin with a single shot as a starting place and develop the concept from there. With that key input, this Eugene photographer has you covered when it comes to commercial photography or advertising photography. 

We also work hand-in-hand with your marketing professionals, be they freelance, agency, or in-house art directors —for both on-site and remote studio photography — to create and maintain a powerful vision consistent with your brand throughout the shoot. 

If you or your marketing team has a digital layout or even a rough concept for where the imagery will go, we can import that into our camera software for on-screen reference at every step. Whether it's for a logo, an ad campaign, a billboard, an annual report — or needs to work for all of these — this big-picture approach not only ensures stunning results, but makes shoots more time- and cost-efficient. 

And thanks to Steve Smith’s love of cool technology, we have the ability to maintain this close interaction and collaboration with you and your art director throughout the shoot. In the studio, you can monitor every shot in real-time using an iPad — yours or ours. Sure beats having five people crowd around the back of a camera after every shot!  


Even if you are not able to be at the shoot in person, if we are shooting at the studio or in any other Wi-Fi enabled location, we can set up remote art direction for you or your marketing team. Offsite, out-of-state, or across the world, with any Wi-Fi connection, you are also able to view the photos almost immediately and communicate with the photo team in real-time via text, voice, or video — your choice. 

The flexibility is incredible. The possibilities are endless. The results are always spectacular.

Image Art Direction

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