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  • The bigger, the better! We have over 25 years of experience making people, places and products look amazing.

  • Thanks for asking. We don't produce wedding photography. It's not a segment of the industry we cater to. We do have good relationships with area wedding photographers that we are happy to refer you to.

  • We hear that all the time! We have a secret - the more relaxed you feel, the better your portrait will be. This is why Steve takes a bit of time prior to shooting to get to know you and get you a bit more relaxed. This isn't a dental visit after all!

  • You bet! We can travel to your office or produce head shots in our centrally located studio.

  • This is one of the reasons we love to sit down prior to a production and talk through your needs. Often times the collaboration prior to a shoot clears up many questions and allows everyone to be much more organized.


  • We have the ability to shoot aerial photography from a plane, helicopter or more recently a drone.  We have an FAA certified and insured drone pilot on staff.

  • We do have a stylist/dressing room. We've designed an area that offers privacy and wonderful lighting for hair and makeup as well as clothing styling.

  • Location scouting is one of those things that makes a difference between a great shot and.... We love to scout with the client's needs in mind!

  • No problem. We've produced work all over the United States as well as Canada and Mexico.

  • The SSP Studio is centrally located in downtown Eugene. Click here for a map you can print out.


  • That depends on the food and what you're wanting. Food stylists bring a lot of specific expertise to the table and are an invaluable resource for certain shoots.

  • Yes, we oftentimes work with modeling agencies as well as known local talent to achieve exactly the demographic you desire.

  • No problem. We've perfected "virtual art direction". A client can be involved with a photo production via the internet anywhere in the world in real time!

  • We know a there are times when a CEO or even an operating room is only available for 5 minutes! We are very respectful of these kinds of constraints and have produced some really compelling imagery in a short amount of time. Having a seamless team of photographer and assistant definitely helps.

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