You need a lean, mean industrial photography machine.

Capturing the energy and dynamics on the factory floor or in any industrial setting takes a special talent and a great deal of experience. We're happy to say we've surpassed that point for years now. As a long-time industrial photographer, Steve Smith draws from his expertise in commercial photography, advertising photography, location photography, and on-site photography to coax the best possible photographic results from any location. He turns the challenges of workers and machinery in action, less-than-optimal lighting and scenery, and extremes like welding effects, into gorgeous results for ads, brochures, annual reports, websites, sales flyers, and more.

Turn your industrial factory or worksite into a photographic masterpiece:

Outstanding results with as little disruption to workflow as possible
Deep understanding of motion, lighting, and people
Ideal for ads, brochures, annual reports, websites, sales flyers
Executive portraits
Workers in action
Machinery in use
We turn drab into dazzling
Virtually any location, setting, or process
The most advanced digital equipment and portable lighting for exceptional results
25+ years experience
Full-time assistant for fluid, hassle-free photo shoots

Get in touch! We're always happy to get you a free estimate, help you brainstorm ideas, or talk about your options. See what photographer, Steve Smith, has created in industrial settings. Amazing!

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