The prescription for exquisite medical photography.

Professional portraits and device, office, and hospital photography shots don't have to be boring, clinical, or look like typical stock photography. They can be dynamic, exciting, inspiring, confident, friendly, warm, and full of life! At Steve Smith Photography, we've been doing it that way for years with outstanding results. Let us help you tell your story through your people, products, and facilities, whether you need images for ads, brochures, websites, or other promotional material.

The medical photographer you've been looking for:

Medical photography carried out with professionalism and an eye for advertising photography
Portraits, product shots, clinic facilities, doctor-patient interactions
In-studio or on-location
Committed to minimizing disruption to daily routines
State-of-the-art equipment enables you to see progression of images and offer real-time feedback during your shoot
20+ years experience
Full-time assistant for fluid, enjoyable photo shoots

Get in touch! We're always happy to get you a free estimate, help you brainstorm ideas, or talk about your options. See how lead photographer, Steve Smith, has brought people, products, and places to life. You're going to love our process!

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